Filip Setmanuk     Unifinished Plato’s Cave Rendering in 2020  set inside Plato’s Cave, refurbished into luxury bunker and international realty. Comes with cutting-edge amenities that will define 2020;  HOME in 2019 (in progress); Digital Dilema: The Architecture of Trust in 2019   video for an exhibition that positions different art, design and architectural projects within a contemporary climate of institutional doubt;   Erewhon: Prologue in 2018  melodramatic mixed reality play based on adapted novel by Samuel Butler (1872). Originally written as a satire to industrial revolution, Butler envisions a fictional country where machines have been abandoned due to a belief that they posses consciousness. In this interactive installation, the audience is invited to embody ideas and beliefs of one of the three characters, the Professor, Engineer and the Servant through a script shown on a teleprompter screen. Each of these characters play a different role in the upcoming war between the machinists and anti-machinists, human labour and automation, natural and artificial;  Claude Speeed - Fifth Fortress  in 2017   music video for trance song on the largest power plant in the world; Becoming One with Representation in 2017   performative tutorial on how to reconnect to yourself in the digital age.    Quest for Reality in 2016   the goal of this role-playing video-game is to find a way back to Reality from within the depths of virtual world where you are lost. It is an interactive documentation of interviews and conversations with users and players from RW about their computer habits. The aim is to explore addiction through character embodiment.


A graduate from the Man&Communication department at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Throughout the university and variety of personal and collaborative projects, he developed interest in examining, observing and reflecting on the consequences of the current technological acceleration, such as in human-computer interaction, digitalisation and software development. In his multidisciplinary work, he often envisions various potential scenarios which function as lens to examine one's behaviours and actions. He is fascinated by video-game mechanics such as role-playing, multiplayer and character embodiment. He utilizes video-games as conceptual spaces for exploration of socially relevant subjects. He works at the convergence of various media formats such as video-game, performance, installation, animation and video.